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Mansions Go Under the Gavel : New York Times 
Jack Warner leaned against his home bar and checked his watch before resuming his blank stare at the white tent outside his multimillion-dollar dream house, with its swimming pool and views of the Florida gulf, soon to be sold at auction... read more 

Rich Man's Pricey Lifestyle for Sale :: Nightline / ABC News
Once he was one of America's richest; now he's selling off his possessions... view 

Software Entrepreneur’s Property Is Sold at Auction :: New York Times 
The software entrepreneur John McAfee, whose fortune has dwindled to about $4 million, from more than $100 million, sold the last of his major real estate holdings on Saturday: a 157-acre spread in Rodeo, N.M., where he and his friends flew lightweight more 

McAfee’s Property Auctioned :: ABQ Journal 
The opening bid on Saturday’s auction of the sprawling home of software mogul John McAfee was $500,000, but auctioneer Jim Gall and his assistants tried to coax the price up. .. read more